Hey, here is good news for the dog owners in Noida! According to the news that appeared in TOI (Dec 7, 2020), dog owners in Noida will get a great facility to take their dogs for a walk in a park dedicated to dogs. The one of its kind dog park in Noida is coming up in Sector 137. The park, having world-class dog caring facilities, will be spread over a 2-acre area.

Why do Dogs Need A Stroll? The Benefits of Walking The Dogs:

Taking your dog out of a confined area means more than just a &ldquopotty break.&rdquo Regular dog strolling provides numbers of benefits that make your dog physically and psychologically healthy:

  • Physical exercise
  • Socialization
  • Acquaintance with territory
  • Behavioral training
  • Mental stimulation
  • Mood boost up
  • Improved joints/digestive/urinary health

The benefits of dog walking are not limited just to dogs but it benefits you also. What are the personal benefits of taking your dog to a dog park? Why you should take your dog to a park daily?

  • You get a caring exercise partner
  • It helps counter down blood pressure problems
  • It reduces the risk of diabetes/obesity
  • Dog walking is a low impact exercise that suits most of the dog owners
  • Being with a walking buddy improves mental health

What The Facilities Will You Get In Noida Dog Park?

Dog owners will get the services of veterinary doctors for the complete check-up of their dogs as well to take the advice for their upkeep. The dog park will have number of outlets selling a variety of dog foods from premium brands. The upcoming dog park in Noida, planned near sector 137 metro station, will also have exercise and sporty equipment and arrangements like play area, rings, balls, swings, swimming pool, etc along with a walkway. The dog owners can expect the affordable services of a dog trainer also to train their dogs for a particular activity or behavior or to change an existing habit. The entry to Noida dog park will be free while the services, dog foods, and medicines will chargeable.

Concluding Note:

The demand for a dog park in Noida was being made for a long. Now, all seems settled well to deliver the dog owners a dog park with much needed affordable facilities. The dog park is expected to be ready by July-August 2021. Certainly, it is a great facility for the dog owners and a boon for the dogs living confined to the boundaries of apartments.

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