The traces of dog parenting go beyond 32,100 years ago in Europe. With the passage of time, dog parenting has become a necessity, passion, and fashion but responsible dog parenting needs in-depth knowledge and commitment also for dog&rsquos wellness. Dog breeding is a critical aspect of enthusiastic dog parenting. Do you know the top dog breeds in India? Do you know what kind of dog food is good for a particular dog breed? The blog provides in-depth knowledge about the best dog food suitable for dog breeding to have a healthy pet dog.

What Are the Top 10 Dog Breeds in India?  


This dog breed is found in a variety of colors and sizes. One of the most preferred pet dogs in India, these short-legged dogs are liked because of their long tail and unique look. With 12 &ndash 16 years of life expectancy, these dogs in the hound group are known for being stubborn, clever, lively, and playful.


Beagle dog in the hound group is a favorite choice of households having kids. The energetic, determined, amiable, excitable, gentle and fun-loving characteristics make these dogs favorite to Indian households.

German Shepherd:

German shepherd dog is liked especially for being intelligent, smart, loyal, obedient, and intuitive. These large-sized dogs, having 9 – 13 years life expectancy, belong to the Herding family.  These are used mostly as guard dogs for police, security, and military tasks

Golden Retriever:

These dogs of large size, having 10 – 12 years life expectancy, are fast learners.  Friendly, reliable, intelligent, kind, etc characteristics make these dogs one of the top breeds in India. These belong to the sporting family.


Steady, alert, obedient, strong, courageous, intelligent, loyal etc are major characteristics of Rottweiler dogs. Mostly used for police, security and military tasks, these dogs of the ‘Working’ group have 9 – 13 years life expectancy.


Large-sized dog with fearless, alert, agility, speed confident, intelligence, and energetic like characteristics is a dream dog pet for every dog parenting enthusiast. With 9 – 13 years life expectancy, these dogs belong to the Working family.


 If you are planning to own an extroverted, intelligent, sociable, and friendly small dog to entertain and company your kids, Pomeranian is the best choice. These dogs belonging to the ‘Toy’ family have 12 – 16 years life expectancy.


This dog is liked because of its unique physical features. It is affectionate and playful with kids. The small-sized dog with 12 – 15 years life expectancy has global popularity because of being Docile, Clever, Charming and Quiet.


The high-energy dog from the ‘Working’ group with 10 – 12 years life expectancy is liked because of being devoted, loyal, fearless, bright, and energetic. While being playful towards kids, these dogs respond aggressively to any threat.

Tibetan Mastiff:

As the name implies, this dog category belongs to Tibet region falling under the ‘Working’ group. With 12 – 15 years life expectancy, these are large in size, strong-willed, tenacious, aloof, and stubborn. It is the best choice for guarding purposes if you can adjust to aggressive behavior towards strangers. 

What are the Best Dog Foods for Indian Dog Owners? 

Getting the best dog food at a reasonable price with ease is common concern of most of dog owners in India. Although the availability of dog food online simplifies the task somehow but the selection of the best dog food with a variety still puzzles many dog owners highly concerned with proper diet, nutrition, quality, vitamins, proteins, and brand etc. To simplify the selection of the best food for a dog with enriched variety, you should optimize your search in different categories of dog foods:

Dry Food: Royal Canin Labrador Retriever, Pedigree Adult Vegetarian Dry, Farmina N&D Pumpkin Chicken, Royal Canin Mini Starter etc are excellent choices to feed your lovely dog.  

Frozen Food: IAMS Proactive Health Adult, JerHigh Roasted Duck in Gravy, Pedigree Gravy Chicken Chunks, Drools Optimum Performance etc are good choices for frozen dog food.

Dehydrated Food: Farmina N&D Quinoa, Pedigree PRO Expert Nutrition, Ancestral Grain Chicken, Chappi Adult Dry Dog Food are good to feed your dog with nutrition enriched dehydrated food.

Wet Food: JerHigh Roasted Duck in Gravy, Pedigree Wet Adult Dog Food, Farmina N&D Quinoa are good to be considered for premium quality wet dog food.

Pro Tip:

Every dog breed has different liking and nutrition requirements. Selection of dog food should be made with consultation of dog specialist Veterinary doctor. To find a health and diet expert for your pet dog, you can explore- Doctors or may call at +91-87450-47000.

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