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While going out with your dog, it is must to make it feel secured and enjoying the outing at comfort. You might be having a wire crate at your home as a home for your dog but it may not be good to carry for a go out. MesoPet, the prominent online dog products store supplying a comprehensive range of premium quality dog care products, offers an exciting range of dog carriers, dog crates, and kennels.

Importance of Having Good Dog Carrier:

Responsible dog parenting needs you to care your pet the best in all the areas. Outing is the most neglected area. Carrying dog in a car or public transport, needs you to have a proper dog carrier. The increasing demand of dog carriers, kennels and carriers proves that the dog owners are taking this issue seriously to keep their lovely pet secured and comfortable in new environment. 

The nice dog crates, specially designed for dog’s outing, not only keep your dog safe and protected against all the odds but also make the people surrounding you feel safe. Carrying your dog in a dog carrier also addresses the problems of cleanliness. Some places don’t allow the entry with pet; a dog carrier allows you to get access to many of these spots. The dogs in the carrier feel safe like at home, therefore, they don’t disturb you when you are on the move and enjoying your travel. We welcome you at MesoPet to buy dog carriers and dog crates online at a reasonable price; here, you get the best stylish dog crates and dog carriers because our product line is ever expanding. 

How To Choose The Best Dog Carriers, Dog Crates Or Dog Kennels: 

The selection of dog carrier depends upon –

  • How you will carry your dog for outing
  • For how much time you will be away from home in single outing
  • How much you use the dog carrier 
  • What the mode of transport you use
  • Size and weight of dog

As being the top online dog carriers and dog crates store, MesoPet offers the best affordable solution to make temporary transportable space for your dog. The lightweight dog carriers and dog crates are available in different sizes. We sell dog carriers, dog crates, and kennels made of premium quality material.

Our pet care experts select only the best designed dog carriers, dog kennels and dog crates that keep your dog safe and comfortable inside. The special design facilitates you to make small arrangements inside according to weather conditions, feeding, litter, etc. Our durable but lightweight dog carriers and dog crates are easy to carry, use, clean and store. In addition to following options, ask our online dog products specialists for more options –

  • Collapsible soft-sided dog crate
  • Travel carrier bag
  • Two door top load crate
  • Soft Crate kennel for dog
  • Expandable pet carrier
  • Travel plastic dog kennel
  • Sporty tent dog crate

FAQs for Dog Carriers, Dog Crates and Dog Kennels

Q. Will MesoPet help me select the best dog carrier for my dog?

Yes, we have online dog care experts who support our clients to become a good dog parent. Our experts will help you buy the best dog carrier according to various parameters including dog type, weight, budget, purpose, liking etc.  

Q. Should I use dog carrier to carry my dog in my personal car?

Yes, it is a good habit to use dog carrier or dog crate to take your dog on a drive with you.

Q. What size of dog carrier do I need for air travel?

Different airlines have different rules about the pet traveling. You must confirm about the appropriate and allowed size of dog carrier from the particular airlines. However, it should be sufficiently spacious so that your dog could move, lie down, stand, and turn easily.

Q. What is the difference between the dog kennel and dog carrier?

Dog kennel is a generic term used to specify a place where a dog lives safely; however, it is not designed to facilitate you to carry your dog out. Dog carriers are specially designed the help you take your dog out by carrying the carrier on shoulder, back or in hands.