About Suresh Sherawat

Suresh Sherawat, Founder/Master trainer of the Canine Village dog training & research centre had a strong desire to bring professionalism and quality to the Canine World. For this reason he founded and now leads the Canine Village Organization. Mr. Suresh has spent years researching the different aspects of dog training and perfecting professional, humane methods of dog training for homes, Military, Police, Industrial Houses and other Govt./Security Agencies. In order to achieve more expertise he went to Singapore and worked with many leading dog training Institutions and is associated with the Soon Kwan Kennels Dog Training Centre and got honored for the work with its chief instructor Sunny Lin Yi Shun. It was here that he was advised to go to Australia because of the Superb training facilities and expertise. Taking his Singaporean associate’s advice Suresh went to Australia to study the latest technique of dog training being used overseas. He further collaborated with one of the leading K-9 Institute – THE JACKSON GUARD DOG TRAINING COMPLEX based in QUEENISLAND and spent more than six months to redefine and achieve the highest level of Police Dog Training called Schutzhund German Police Training which included subjects such as Obedience Preparation for Competition, Personal Protection, Obstacle course Training Techniques, Night Patrolling, How to organize Dog Obedience classes, Practical Application and Experience working with Dogs and Clients.


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