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Most Common Health Problem Seen in Cats


Cats are one of the most common pets around the world. They are furry carnivorous companions, mostly loved by women. Most of the people desire a pet but tend to forget that they are not self sufficient. These furry little creatures need to be looked after.

If you are a careless person then this might lead to serious health problems for your loved cat. Pets need a lot of care, almost like a new born baby.They need to be brought up with utmost sincerity, love and affection. It is your responsibility to look after their requirements and follow strict dietary plans. Guarding your cat against illness is a must on your part. These little creatures cannot tell you their problems, so you must be very careful in understanding what they want. Regular checkups are very important. The most common cat ailments are listed bellow so that you can take a better care of your furry ball and avail the best medication possible before it gets fatal.

Diarrhea and Vomiting:

Diarrhea and vomiting are the most common problems that cats face. This may be the result of food consumed the previous day, allergies infection etc. Symptoms of diarrhea are loose, watery stool. This can last for a day, week or even a month and should not be overlooked. You must offer your cat plenty of water and increase liquid intake, keep her away from food for 24 hours, but if the problem persists you should immediately take your cat to the veterinarian. Bloody and black stools should also be reported immediately to the doctor.


Obesity is a serious issue affecting cat&rsquos health. You must take a good care and give your pet food in appropriate proportions. Obesity might lead to joint pain, diabetes and liver problems, so cats also face almost the same problems as you do. To overcome obesity, make sure your cat performs physical exercise and you can even control it by cutting down the calorie intake.


                   [Know about Persian Cat Breed Information]


Fleas are one of the biggest enemy of your pet and they are the most common external feline health issues. So, if your cat has fleas then you must get alarmed. Fleas means there would be parasites sticking to your pets body sucking their blood. The most common symptom is scratching, loss of hair, red or irritated skin and skin infections. The can lead to serious infestations as fleas can live on your pet&rsquos body for almost a year. Hence, you should take your cat immediately to the vet and get the proper medication done.


These are amongst the most common health problems faced by the cats. The tapeworms live in the small intestine of your pet and can grow up to the length of two feet. Vomiting and weight loss are the common symptoms. It is generally due to swallowing of flea, so the flea problem should be tackled first. Injection, oral and topical medication are the treatment options.

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases (FLUTD):

These are a group of problems that occur due to multiple causes. According to estimates 3% of cats face these problems. It affects the bladder and the urethra and basically affects those who are over-weight, unfit and consume dry food. Its symptoms are listed bellow-

·  Dehydration

·  Urination in unusual places

·  Crying when urinating

·  Depression

·  Vomiting

·   Lack of appetite

·   Bloody urine

·   Straining to urinate

You must immediately contact a vet.

Eye problem:

Cats also face eye-problems like you, such as cataracts, inflammation, retinal diseases and trauma. Symptoms are watery eyes, visible third eyelid, gunk in corners of the eye. You can wipe away the gunk with wet cotton ball and then contact your veterinarian.

Thus, these are certain health problems faced by your cats which must not be overlooked. Proper medication can help your cat live healthy and happy life. A happy pet is a happy you!

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