Frequently Asked Questions and Answers : Pet Care

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Why do Dogs lick?
Dog is a very caring and affectionate pet in comparison to other animals. There are many reasons for a dog to lick. The saliva of dogs carries a healing agent. You might have noticed that dogs lick the wounds, it is their attempt to heal them. Dogs are generally submissive and affectionate and it is sometimes their display of affection when they lick their owner’s face or foot. This is called as submissive licking. Mother dogs lick their puppies in order to groom them, while displaying their love and leadership. This may be called as dominant licking. Some dogs, who lick out of obsession or dominantly. They need to be corrected with training.

2. Why dogs hate it when someone touches his food?
Different types of dogs have different temperaments depending upon how they are trained since the beginning. Some will allow you to touch their food; some will turn aggressive even if you touch their food bowl. If your dog is not allowing you to touch his food while he is eating, it simply means he is alpha over you. In such a situation, he may even bite you. You should make sure from the very beginning or even if it is late that you take the alpha position.

3. Is it ok if a dog lies on a human?
If a human has initiated it, it is perfectly ok if the dog lies on him/her. In other words, if you call your dog to sit on your lap, it’s fine but if it is your dog who is making calls, then he is dominant. Being on top and making decisions is a dominant position in a dog’s mind. You should always make sure to remain the leader.

4. When I am emotionally upset my dog comes over and lies on top of me. What should I do in such situation?
We human feel that our dogs are caring towards us and they try to make is feel better when we are emotionally upset. However, this is the human side of the equation as we find it really comforting when our pet comes to us in such situation. The dog side of the equation is that this four-legged animal can too feel the human emotion. However, different dogs will react to the situation differently. Some may even turn worried, stressed, anxious and upset. Coming to what you asked, when your dog comes over and lies on top of you, send him back to where he sits or sleeps. Take deep breaths and try to be normal.

5. Is it ok to leave a dog home alone for around 8 hours? Will he cause damage and bark too much?
If you take your dog for a long walk before leaving, feed him and take him for another walk after getting back home, he should be fine. Dogs get up in the morning and walk a lot to find food, in nature. Dogs need to burn their energy, for which they demand playing around, running and walking. You need to make sure that you pack-walk him so that he don’t walk you. If you do not make your dog exercise, he will have energy to burn and he might not feel secure when you go away from him. In that scenario, he may bark too much and can even cause damage.

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